Tuesday, 27 November 2012

WHY Did You Choose to Breastfeed ?

Tomorrow my little girl will turn 4, and I have been thinking back to her birth and all of the others, and I began to think about being pregnant for the first time.

As you all know I have successfully breastfed all six of my children and have enough milk for most of the East Coast!!

But what made me want to breastfeed. I hear so often why someone chose NOT to breastfeed or why someone chose To bottlefeed, but I would like to know


I can remember a mum coming into college whilst I was doing my Nursery Nursing course, talking to us about breastfeeding, the two mums that I babysat for also breastfed, but my mum breastfed me for only 9 weeks, so I wouldn't say she has been a major influence in my decision.

The midwife that was my mentor during my maternity placement is the breastfeeding specialist for the area, but I don't recall her pushing it on me, but I never considered not breastfeeding my baby.

I would be interested to know, and I shall also be asking the ladies at the Baby Cafe why they chose to breastfeed

Answers on a postcard... (not really!) but if you would like to reply below please feel free xxx

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