Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Pregnant Ladies and Nursing Mothers Can Feel Sexy too

As I have stated before I have spent four and a half years pregnant, and twelve years breastfeeding, that is an awful long time to find comfortable underwear!!
I have never been known for a large chest, in fact the statement "any more than a handful is a waste" is one I have definitely used quite often in my late teens!

Until that is, I became pregnant, out of nowhere I actually had a decent sized chest, so it was the perfect excuse to go and buy some new Bras.
Just because you are getting bigger and feeling heavier, doesn't mean you don't have to look good under your Maternity Clothes!

Also, when you have given birth and you are producing enough milk for the entire world population ( I know from experience) having a pretty, feminine Nursing Bra does make you feel like a woman, not just a Milk machine!!
It may even be the reason we kept having so many children! He just found me too appealing in my underwear....

To begin with, I was extremely disappointed with the Maternity and Nursing Bras on offer, (although there are many more choices than when I began my breastfeeding journey nearly 15 years ago) so I started to investigate if any of the underwear companies did these type of bras, and I was pleased to find that they did, I have always loved Figleaves choice of underwear when not pregnant, so was extremely happy to discover that they do Maternity and Nursing Bras also.

The website has a fabulous range of  nursing and maternity bras online at

After having six children, and still breastfeeding, some of these may well make it to my Christmas List, although I had better keep them covered up, as I do not want to find number seven appearing next year!!
this is a featured post as I DO love nice, girlie Nursing Bras.

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