Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Looking For That Perfect Maternity Dress?

I have spent four and a half years of my life pregnant, and throughout that time I LOVED browsing, and then purchasing Maternity Clothes, usually skinny jeans or leggings, teamed with a long top. I have been very fortunate that the inches have only ever gone to my tummy, therefore anything that accentuated my legs was a must!

My Maternity wardrobe was more stylish than my pre pregnancy one, as there are so many amazing Maternity fashions to choose from, and I was quite sad when I no longer needed them, however after each pregnancy I always gave my maternity clothes away, therefore being given the opportunity to purchase new ones, the next time around..

Throughout each pregnancy I have had at least one major event to attend, a wedding, or a Summer Ball and I have spent ages looking for the perfect dress to wear.

The Tiffany Rose website is perfect for that special occasion, it has a range of gorgeous special occasion clothing that will make any pregnant lady feel amazing for her event.

With a sense of style and occasion sewn into every garment, personalised customer service and next day delivery, they offer you the chance to treat yourself to a special outfit, stress free and with peace of mind.
Since its creation in 2003, the business has grown rapidly to become a trusted brand and favourite amongst pregnant women today.
The choice at Tiffany Rose is endless, I am so in love with the dresses, it almost (but not quite!) makes me wish I was pregnant to wear some of these lovely creations.

This is a featured post, I adore maternity clothing.

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