Monday 8 July 2013

Babasling Winner Is It You

Thankyou to everyone that took part in the Keep Britain Breastfeeding Scavenger Hunt, and for all the support and comments I have received throughout.

The winner of the Babasling on Breast 4 Babies is

Alex Willetts

Congratulations, please send me your details to and I shall pass them onto the company.

Sunday 30 June 2013

Dispelling Breastfeeding Myths

There are so many breastfeeding myths that you hear on a daily basis, here are just a few!

Myth 1: It is important that other family members get to feed baby so that they can bond, too.
It is important that other family members bond with the baby, no-one is disagreeing with that part, but not during a feed, that is special mother and baby bonding time, if they want to help, get you a drink and something to eat and make you as comfortable as possible, then take the baby once he or she has fed and have their bonding time.

Myth 2: Child-directed feeding (nursing on demand) has a negative impact on the husband/wife relationship.
I have no idea where that myth comes from, as a mother of six, who has nursed them all, there has definitely been no negative impact on mine and my husbands relationship, if anything probably the opposite, he loves that I am providing the best start possible for each of our children, and he gets a full nights sleep before starting a full days work.

Myth 3: Frequent nursing causes a child to be obese later in life.
There have been many studies over the past few decades to suggest that the obesity problem actually stems from formula fed babies, not breastfed babies, the breastmilk is already part digested when it enters the babies tummy and the baby knows when it has had enough, whereas a bottle fed baby, will continue to drink what is placed in their bottle.

Myth 4: The lying-down nursing position causes ear infections.
The helath benefits and immunity that is in breastmilk has a much higher chance of preventing these type infections, regardless of how the baby is fed.

Myth 5: Nursing a baby after 12 months is of little value because the quality of breast milk begins to decline after six months.
As we all know from the posts on Friday, there is a great benefit for continued breastfeeding beyond a year and the WHO states it reccommends two years.

Myth 6: It is normal for breastfeeding to hurt
It is not normal for breastfeeding to hurt, at the beginning you may notice a strange sensation when the let down reflex kicks in, some describe it as a tingling sensation, others don't notice it at all, if a feed continues to be uncomfortable or hurts after ten seconds them there may be a problem with the attachment or positioning and you may have to either adjust your feeding position  or get it checked by your midwife, health visitor or a wonderful peer supporter if you are lucky enough to have one in your area.

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Saturday 29 June 2013

Breastfeeding Beyond A Year

There are many benefits to breastfeeding beyond a year :
- Your baby continues to get the immunological advantages of human milk, during a time when he/she is increasingly exposed to infection. Breastfed toddlers are healthier overall.
-When they are upset, hurt, frightened, or sick, you have a built in way to comfort them. Often a sick child will accept breastmilk when they refuse other foods.
-Many of the medical benefits of breastfeeding (lower cancer risk in mother and baby, for example) are dose related – in other words, the longer you breastfeed, the greater the protective effects.
-Human milk offers protection for the child who is allergic.
-Mothering a toddler is challenging enough – nursing makes the job of caring for and comforting them easier. There is no better way to ease a temper tantrum, or put a cranky child to sleep than by nursing.
– Nursing provides closeness, security, and stability during a period of rapid growth and development.
– Letting your baby set the pace for weaning spares you the unpleasant task of weaning he or she before they are ready.
The World Health Organisation Strategy (2003) states
"Breastfeeding is an unequalled way of providing ideal food for the healthy growth and development of infants; it is also an integral part of the reproductive process with important implications for the health of mothers. As a global public health recommendation, infants should be exclusively breastfed for the first six months of life to achieve optimal growth, development and health. Thereafter, to meet their evolving nutritional requirements, infants should receive nutritionally adequate and safe complementary foods while breastfeeding continues for up to two years of age or beyond . Exclusive breastfeeding from birth is possible except for a few medical conditions, and unrestricted exclusive breastfeeding results in ample milk production.”
Your baby, Your choice how long you choose to feed...

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Thursday 27 June 2013

Keep Britain Breastfeeding - Breastmilk Pumping

Hand Expressing is a useful technique to learn, especially if it has been practised antenatally.

This is because:

- It is a more effective method of removing your colostrum in the first few days than breast pumps.
- You can tempt your baby to feed and help your milk start to flow.
- It can help your baby attach if your breasts are full, or to clear blocked ducts or to relieve mastitis
- Obtain milk to cup feed your baby if not able to breastfeed.

When are the best times to express ?

- About 30 minutes after your baby has been fed. (Express both breasts once or twice if required).
- In the morning after your baby's first feed.
- If your baby only takes 1 breast per feed, express from the unused one or both if more milk is required.
- In between feeds or when your breasts feel particularly full.
- When the baby is feeding from one side, express the other at the same time (this can be the most successful).

Some mothers find they can hardly express any milk at all and worry that they are not producing enough for their baby. How much you express may not bear any relation to what the baby is getting.

When I visit mums on the Ante natal Ward I always take along my trusty knitted boob to show them how to hand express, it is always handy to know and may be all that is needed, without buying an expensive pump.

I personally have always been rubbish at expressing, either hand or pump, hand expressing usually ended up with me spraying milk in all directions and pumping was somewhat of a disappointment, the only way there was ever a decent amount was when I expressed the other breast to what my baby was feeding from, but then you need about three pairs of hands to hold baby, hold pump, use pump....

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Positive Nursing in Public Experiences & Funny Breastfeeding Memories

Yet again I am behind!! This latest pregnancy is certainly taking it out of me, all I want to do is sleep!!

And again, my wonderful breastfeeding forum mummies have come to the rescue!!

I asked them if they had any positive nursing experiences in Public or Funny breastfeeding memories, and here's what they said...

I was nursing Evie when she was only a few weeks old while having chinese food, the waitress said 'aww shes sleeping so nicely' but in fact she wasnt ;P when i finished my meal i looked down at my still nursing baby to see she'd made a very good bib....noodles and rice everywhere, oops! Rebekah

Had just finished lunch in Greggs bakery & was feeding 1yr old Daniel when a young lad came to clear table. Daniel decided to see what was going on giving the poor lad a right eye full before i could cover up. He left quickly & never did come back to clear table! Joanne

Ive answered the door with full boob out after feeding Ellie at home and forgetting to put it away.. salesman got more than he bargained for and left red faced!! Whoopsie

Was nursing Ellie in Costa when a old gentleman came over and really praised me telling me its so nice to see a mum feeding her baby the way nature intended!, also been to cherry lane garden centre when its been extremely busy and nursing Ellie when a young lad brought our food over and was trying so hard not to look bless him he left tripping over a chair and the colour of a tomato x  Tara

Our postman has been welcomed by the view of a feeding baby very often lol. I often get people smiling at me when I'm feeding in cafes, its nice that less people are getting freaked out by it or complaining or making a fuss these days, yes you get the odd male not knowing where to look but im sure they just dont want to be seen as rude for looking at that area I did have one man walk towards me to sit at the next table at costas he saw i was feeding appologised and went to sit somewhere else. Bless him he assumed I wanted privacy, two women opposite just smiled at me and at what had happened lol   Emma

Breastfeeding at my sisters wedding, some of the children were a little concerned at where the baby had "disappeared" too! She was under my feeding apron but I found it drew more attention so I just lightly covered myself with my pashmina. Everyone was completely unfazed by it which was such a relief. There were two other nursing mums there so we set up our own corner xx Kelly

I was feeding Lacey at home with a few of OHs friends round. One was feeding her baby a bottle. My 3 year old says "MY baby doesn't have bottles, she has milk from mummy's boobie!!" (proud moment!) lol  Jennifer

What lovely stories, thankyou so much, its so lovely to hear positive reactions and the occasional red faced one too!!

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Wednesday 26 June 2013

The Importance of Breastfeeding Support

I have written all about the support I received and why I chose to become a Peer Supporter over on Hex Mum, so I didn't want to repeat myself, although being 30 weeks pregnant repetition is the only way I can remember anything!!

I asked some of the other Peer Supporters in our area, why they chose to do it.

Claire said "Someone at the Children's Centre said she would be good at it"

Amy said " I chose to do the training as wanted to give back to other mums babies and families as had some valuable support from bf team when my baby was born and felt there was a need for more peer supporters. I love having the knowledge I have now and wish I could have known this when I had my baby, so love to share this info at baby cafe"

Julie said " I was working as Admin support for the Breastfeedign Team, Started going to Baby cafe, did the unicef training and became a peer supporter who went to parents houses. I was the first peer supporter on Postnatal ward and now doing my nursing degree.... WHY??? because the self respect and that good feeling inside to know you have helped someone!.... the thanks you get and feed back that because of your help that family continued to breastfeed"

Joanne said " I felt more comfortable talking to other mums about silly issues that were too small for BF team, during my breastfeeding journey. When the topic of peer supporters came up I thought this would be a great opportunity to give back to children's centre and to be full of informations if other mums wanted to talk about issues they might have. Two years in & it's great to see more & more people joining and seeing baby cafes grow."

Vikki said "  I was sad to hear that people were giving up on bf through lack of support and misconceptions ."

Gemma said "I became a Peer Supporter because I wanted to help normalise BF and pass on information to help others enjoy it as much as I do"

A big thankyou to all of the wonderful Peer Supporters, they really are a fabulous bunch of ladies and the families are very lucky to have them xxx

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Tuesday 25 June 2013

Top Breastfeeding Tips As Told By Breastfeeding Mummies.

For this post I have had help, from the lovely ladies in our local Breastfeeding Forum, I asked them for their top tips and this is what they said

"If you have a copious amount of milk when it first comes in, express a little off before each feed so baby doesnt become overwhelmed with a fast flow and use a breast shell in the other breast to catch leaking milk so you and baby don't get soaked whilst feeding on the other side"

Emma mummy to Oliver aged 8 months, still breastfeeding and going strong.

"Have faith in your own body. I think its difficult in a digital age when you can buy a cure for most things, google any question and artifical milk is promoted in such a way that it 'seems' the better option just to believe in something so basic and natural as the fact YOUR body can sustain your tiny baby"

Emma Chambers mummy to Izabelle aged 3.5 years, breastfed until 3 years.

"Get help as soon as you are experiencing any problems"

Vikki mummy to Luca age 6, that she breastfed for 16 months and Summer that she breastfed for 3.5 years.

" Enjoy it! Such an amazing thing to do! So special"

Michelle Clark mummy to Charley aged 20 months, who has just stopped breastfeeding.

"Stick with it! People will openly tell you the horror stories about cracked, sore nipples (which you can avoid!), but what they won't mention is how hard near constant feeds and sleep deprivation can be on you emotionally. But they also won't tell you that watching your baby grow thanks to your milk is the most amazing feeling in the world and makes it all worth while!"

Heather mummy to Ewan only five weeks old 

"Always always check latch and adapt as necessary when bubba gets bigger"

Kelly mummy to Rosalie aged 10 months, still breastfeeding

" if you or baby need antibiotic's take yakult on the first day you or baby take antibiotics as itll help with any thrush you or baby may get this worked for me"

Tara Eastwood mummy to Ellie-Amanda aged  11 months, breastfed until 8 months.
"Relax , enjoy and don't try to rush things, chores can always be put off til tomorrow!"

Sarah Newman mummy to Lily aged 17 months and still breastfed

Thankyou ladies for all of your help, its nice to have others peoples views too!
You can find mine over on Hex Mum.

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