Tuesday 25 June 2013

Top Breastfeeding Tips As Told By Breastfeeding Mummies.

For this post I have had help, from the lovely ladies in our local Breastfeeding Forum, I asked them for their top tips and this is what they said

"If you have a copious amount of milk when it first comes in, express a little off before each feed so baby doesnt become overwhelmed with a fast flow and use a breast shell in the other breast to catch leaking milk so you and baby don't get soaked whilst feeding on the other side"

Emma mummy to Oliver aged 8 months, still breastfeeding and going strong.

"Have faith in your own body. I think its difficult in a digital age when you can buy a cure for most things, google any question and artifical milk is promoted in such a way that it 'seems' the better option just to believe in something so basic and natural as the fact YOUR body can sustain your tiny baby"

Emma Chambers mummy to Izabelle aged 3.5 years, breastfed until 3 years.

"Get help as soon as you are experiencing any problems"

Vikki mummy to Luca age 6, that she breastfed for 16 months and Summer that she breastfed for 3.5 years.

" Enjoy it! Such an amazing thing to do! So special"

Michelle Clark mummy to Charley aged 20 months, who has just stopped breastfeeding.

"Stick with it! People will openly tell you the horror stories about cracked, sore nipples (which you can avoid!), but what they won't mention is how hard near constant feeds and sleep deprivation can be on you emotionally. But they also won't tell you that watching your baby grow thanks to your milk is the most amazing feeling in the world and makes it all worth while!"

Heather mummy to Ewan only five weeks old 

"Always always check latch and adapt as necessary when bubba gets bigger"

Kelly mummy to Rosalie aged 10 months, still breastfeeding

" if you or baby need antibiotic's take yakult on the first day you or baby take antibiotics as itll help with any thrush you or baby may get this worked for me"

Tara Eastwood mummy to Ellie-Amanda aged  11 months, breastfed until 8 months.
"Relax , enjoy and don't try to rush things, chores can always be put off til tomorrow!"

Sarah Newman mummy to Lily aged 17 months and still breastfed

Thankyou ladies for all of your help, its nice to have others peoples views too!
You can find mine over on Hex Mum.

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  1. My boyfriend is my rock! he helps out so much

  2. Don't be afraid to try co-sleeping, especially in the early days - it makes the night feed so much easier, you both get more sleep and it helps your milk supply

  3. Don't hide away, it makes you nervous and jumpy which isn't great for a feeding baby!

  4. Sleep when they sleep, the housework will be there tomorrow & everything is harder when you're tired!

  5. my top tip is seek out local breastfeeding groups before your baby arrives. the people you find in these groups will be very important in supporting you, and its so much easier to go to them if you have already met them

  6. My top tip is to do your research before the baby arrives. Find out about normal newborn feeding and sleeping behaviour, and when to expect growth spurts.