Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The Importance of Breastfeeding Support

I have written all about the support I received and why I chose to become a Peer Supporter over on Hex Mum, so I didn't want to repeat myself, although being 30 weeks pregnant repetition is the only way I can remember anything!!

I asked some of the other Peer Supporters in our area, why they chose to do it.

Claire said "Someone at the Children's Centre said she would be good at it"

Amy said " I chose to do the training as wanted to give back to other mums babies and families as had some valuable support from bf team when my baby was born and felt there was a need for more peer supporters. I love having the knowledge I have now and wish I could have known this when I had my baby, so love to share this info at baby cafe"

Julie said " I was working as Admin support for the Breastfeedign Team, Started going to Baby cafe, did the unicef training and became a peer supporter who went to parents houses. I was the first peer supporter on Postnatal ward and now doing my nursing degree.... WHY??? because the self respect and that good feeling inside to know you have helped someone!.... the thanks you get and feed back that because of your help that family continued to breastfeed"

Joanne said " I felt more comfortable talking to other mums about silly issues that were too small for BF team, during my breastfeeding journey. When the topic of peer supporters came up I thought this would be a great opportunity to give back to children's centre and to be full of informations if other mums wanted to talk about issues they might have. Two years in & it's great to see more & more people joining and seeing baby cafes grow."

Vikki said "  I was sad to hear that people were giving up on bf through lack of support and misconceptions ."

Gemma said "I became a Peer Supporter because I wanted to help normalise BF and pass on information to help others enjoy it as much as I do"

A big thankyou to all of the wonderful Peer Supporters, they really are a fabulous bunch of ladies and the families are very lucky to have them xxx

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  1. My husband is a huge support, also I am lucky to have several "Bosom Buddies" support groups locally that all meet weekly - there is almost one a day somewhere in the area if you need help with something bf related.

  2. my biggest supporter is my OH who saw me through the early nights with baby no 1 when we struggled with latch issues, and ended up referred back to the hospital for a feeding plan which involved a very difficult schedule of expressing and topping up. he also understands how important breastfeeding is for both mine and our childrens health.
    But I also have a community of women friends who have breastfed/are breastfeeding and its their support that gets me through the ups and downs.