Thursday, 27 June 2013

Positive Nursing in Public Experiences & Funny Breastfeeding Memories

Yet again I am behind!! This latest pregnancy is certainly taking it out of me, all I want to do is sleep!!

And again, my wonderful breastfeeding forum mummies have come to the rescue!!

I asked them if they had any positive nursing experiences in Public or Funny breastfeeding memories, and here's what they said...

I was nursing Evie when she was only a few weeks old while having chinese food, the waitress said 'aww shes sleeping so nicely' but in fact she wasnt ;P when i finished my meal i looked down at my still nursing baby to see she'd made a very good bib....noodles and rice everywhere, oops! Rebekah

Had just finished lunch in Greggs bakery & was feeding 1yr old Daniel when a young lad came to clear table. Daniel decided to see what was going on giving the poor lad a right eye full before i could cover up. He left quickly & never did come back to clear table! Joanne

Ive answered the door with full boob out after feeding Ellie at home and forgetting to put it away.. salesman got more than he bargained for and left red faced!! Whoopsie

Was nursing Ellie in Costa when a old gentleman came over and really praised me telling me its so nice to see a mum feeding her baby the way nature intended!, also been to cherry lane garden centre when its been extremely busy and nursing Ellie when a young lad brought our food over and was trying so hard not to look bless him he left tripping over a chair and the colour of a tomato x  Tara

Our postman has been welcomed by the view of a feeding baby very often lol. I often get people smiling at me when I'm feeding in cafes, its nice that less people are getting freaked out by it or complaining or making a fuss these days, yes you get the odd male not knowing where to look but im sure they just dont want to be seen as rude for looking at that area I did have one man walk towards me to sit at the next table at costas he saw i was feeding appologised and went to sit somewhere else. Bless him he assumed I wanted privacy, two women opposite just smiled at me and at what had happened lol   Emma

Breastfeeding at my sisters wedding, some of the children were a little concerned at where the baby had "disappeared" too! She was under my feeding apron but I found it drew more attention so I just lightly covered myself with my pashmina. Everyone was completely unfazed by it which was such a relief. There were two other nursing mums there so we set up our own corner xx Kelly

I was feeding Lacey at home with a few of OHs friends round. One was feeding her baby a bottle. My 3 year old says "MY baby doesn't have bottles, she has milk from mummy's boobie!!" (proud moment!) lol  Jennifer

What lovely stories, thankyou so much, its so lovely to hear positive reactions and the occasional red faced one too!!

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  1. I was at a christening once comforting a grumpy baby that was not mine, his grandma was most disgruntled that he had settled for a nap on my shoulder advising that he never settled for her and he had only just met me.... "must be able to smell the brastmilk" I said. She thought for a moment and replied "give us a squirt and see if he'll come to me then"

  2. I often have to tandem feed my toddler and her soft toys. She likes to feed them herself too.