Thursday, 10 May 2012

You Can Breastfeed Here !

This post is about places that are happy for you to Breastfeed at their premises, or not!
It will not be a big Name and Shame, more a celebration of good customer service, although if you have a problem with somewhere, maybe the readers would like to know!

If you have any successful stories or horror stories, please let me know at and I shall add to the list.

I am pleased to say that, so far I have heard nothing but praise  in my local area for ...

Barclays Bank, Lowestoft Suffolk
TK Max Great Yarmouth will offer you a place to go and feed.
Royal Bank of Scotland, Great Yarmouth
Southwold Pier
Kwik-Fit Lowestoft
Beales, Lowestoft

And from other mummies countrywide ...

Costa Coffee, have nice comfortable sofas to feed!
Pizza Hut
John Lewis

One mum has reported that her local Dorothy Perkins was not at all helpful and she had to beg to use a changing room to feed her screaming baby!  Such a shame as I am sure many of their clients are mums with little babies.

and the star award so far goes to ...

Marks and Spencers in Manchester

One mummy reported that they were amazing, whilst she was BF her daughter, they bought her a coffee on the house.Its so nice to hear positive news, well done Marks and Spencers xxx

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