Saturday, 28 April 2012

At The Beginning...

I cannot quite believe that it has been fourteen years since I began my breastfeeding journey.

Whilst I was pregnant with our eldest Xene, I was also training as a nurse. At 28 weeks pregnant I started my four week placement on the maternity, which included both antenatal and postnatal wards and out in the community.

The midwife that I went out in the community with, was responsible for running the Breastfeeding Workshops for parents to be, so I went along to find out more.
I had already decided that I would breastfeed, mainly because I disliked the idea of getting up in the middle of the night to make up bottles and we didn't have that much money at the time, and breastfeeding was FREE!

The session lasted a couple of hours and I came away feeling sure that I would give breastfeeding a go, and quite confident with the whole process.

I know that I was fortunate to have a fantastic midwife, who is completely supportive to all women that want to breastfeed, and she is still helping mums now, in fact she was the midwife that was present at Tyrus' home birth, and when I walked into the training room, she was the one delivering the course.

I am aware that many pregnant ladies are not so lucky, and have not had enough support.
How was your first experience, were you lucky like me, or did you feel that support was sadly lacking.

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